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Thursday meeting is no longer LIVE / In Person, ZOOM ONLY again

Zoom meetings

St Philips church has shut down all meetings, so our Thursday group is back to ZOOM ONLY!

So in other words, BOTH GROUPS are back to ZOOM ONLY. Please tell anyone you know who goes to the Thursday group!

Follow this link for Zoom intructions, applies to both groups.


Zoom meetings, Sunday & Thursdays.

Please read our Support Group Guidelines before attending our meetings.


Sunday & Thursdays, at 5:50pm, anyone in USA.
Click link to join:

You can TEST your Zoom setup here.

If your can’t and won’t do our ZOOM meetings above, give us your email address below, and we’ll remind you via email, when the LIVE Thursday meeting starts up again at Banner Hospital on Campbell.

    The DBSA Peer Support Specialist Course

    Official DBSA Logo

    A Peer Support Specialist is a professional with lived recovery experience who has been trained and certified to help others as they move forward in their own recovery. As someone who has traveled a similar path, a Peer Support Specialist fosters hope and serves as a valuable role model for those who are walking the road to wellness. DBSA offers a 5-week course that can prepare you for Peer Support Specialist certification. Learn more about the course here.

    Who Can Participate?

    • Individuals age 18 or older with personal lived experience in recovery from a mental health or substance use condition who wish to use this experience to assist others. Those willing to publicly identify as a person in recovery.


    • Veterans & Non-Veterans: $1,500 per Attendee
      Non-refundable processing fee required at time of submitting application: $75
      Eligible Veterans and family members can apply to use VA Chapter 31 benefits to cover the expenses involved in receiving a certificate of course completion. Please contact [email protected] or for more information.

    Please Note:
    Upon acceptance into the program the $75 processing fee will be applied towards the $1,500 tuition.
    If the accepted candidate cancels participation in the three-week training, they will forfeit the $75 fee.
    Registration fee includes course fee, all course materials, and post-course testing.
    Questions? Please contact or .

    SMI Determination Informational Webinar

    Solari Crisis & Human Services

    Solari Crisis & Human Services is proud to offer a free, informational webinar on accessing Serious Mental Illness (SMI) services to include:

    • An overview of what SMI means?
    • What an SMI Determination will do for someone?
    • What the evaluation and determination process looks like including how and where an individual can request an assessment?
    • The criteria which must be met to qualify or be approved to receive SMI services including a focus on substance use considerations
    • What happens after a determination is made?

    Thursday, January 20, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM MST

    Register here

    Depression & Anger: When Feelings Spill Onto the Wrong Person


    BY Carol L. Rickard

    The importance of addressing the root cause of your anger and frustration from depression, to avoid misdirecting them. When I arrived at my girlfriend’s house, she was just finishing up a phone call with her sister.

    As soon as she got off the phone, I could tell, she was much angrier than I’d ever seen her be in the past when talking to her sister. As she started to vent, it became clear to me there was more going on than… read more.

    February 12 – Dbsa California Education Days

    Our upcoming events are always visible at

    Whether you are a DBSA leader, a DBSA facilitator, someone who attends a support group or just someone interested in mental health or mood disorder recovery, there’s something for you on the horizon. And as usual, it’s all FREE!

    On February 12 we are holding the third in our series of 2021-23 Education Days
    Presentations include:

    • Rachel Star Withers, actress and stunt performer known for her work on the Black Panther and Ridiculousness. In addition to her work in front of (and behind) the camera, Rachel is a well-known speaker on living with Schizophrenia.
    • Mindfulness 101. Alec Kassin returns with a presentation on mindfulness and a short guided meditation.
    • A panel discussion on accessing mental health services in your county.

    Register at this link.

    Register for DBSA’s Peer Support Specialist 5-week course

    DBSA’s National 5-week course can help you prepare for certification as a Peer Support Specialist. Through a blend of individual learning, group discussions, presentations, and role-playing, you will gain the skills you need to help others move toward wellness.

    Schedule and Fees

    • Week 1 | Independent learning: 15 hours
    • Week 2 | Remote group learning: 4.5 hours
    • Week 3 | 5-day Building the Skills virtual workshop: 37 hours
    • Week 4 | Independent learning: 10 hours
    • Week 5 | Remote group learning: 4.5 hours

    Comprehensive final exam: 3 hours

    Tuition: $1,500
    Non-refundable registration fee: $75 (due with your application)

    Register here.

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    How to Stop Obsessive Thought Loops

    Obsessive Thought Loops

    By Tanya Hvilivitzky, 13 Dec 2021

    Ruminating over these uncertain times can put us at war with our thoughts to the point that they become intrusive. A man retraces his footsteps in a big circle. Represents ruminating and obsessive thought loops with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.

    Whether your obsessive thoughts revolve around uncertain and exaggerated worries or a consuming project, the repetitive loops can make it difficult to focus, disrupt your sleep, and affect your daily behavior. Even during these troubling times, there are ways to break these thought cycles. Read More.