DBSA Support Group Tucson

Please see our “zoom page” for ZOOM meetings info and links.

1st meeting? Please read “who can attend” first. There are no reservations or calls required. Meetings are free of charge. We “pass the hat” at end of the meeting to help cover rent & literature costs. Newcomers do not have to contribute. NOTE: Please come before 6pm, don’t be late, as there is no admittance after 6:10pm.

Thursday Night Live and “Zoom”

St Phillip’s in the Hills

La Parroquia building.

wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible: No

The meeting is in the south most building, “La Parroquia”. St. Phillips is located at the north-east corner of Campbell Ave at River Rd. Enter in the Campbell entrance just north of River. Within a 100 feet there is 8 handicapped parking spaces. Keep driving for more handicap parking, and ample regular parking under the solar panels.
Then walk south to the south most building, “La Parroquia”, south side of the property. Walk in, and make an immediate right, the room is called Palo Verde.
st phillips map
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Sunday Night “Zoom Only”, do to come to this location.

Banner- University Medical Center

Room 2500F

wheelchair accessible Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Parking: From Grant rd, turn south on Campbell. From Speedway go north on Campbell. At Elm Street turn west. Elm turns into Ring Rd. Go past the emergency room entrance, and park at the main “visitor parking lot”.

Directions to Banner meeting parking lot
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Walk into the main entrance (Tower 1). From the entrance go straight back (south) until you see the elevators to your left. Take the elevator to the second floor and exit toward towers 2, 3, & 4 (east). Proceed past towers 2 & 3 following the signs passing the Tower 3 elevators on your right. As you pass the sign for Tower 4 you will see a sign saying “Endoscopy” to your left, The meeting rooms are located in the hallway to your right, we are in the first two rooms, Reddington & Rincon. If you reach Tower 4 elevators, you have gone too far!
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“What can I expect at a meeting?”

  • Meetings are typically 8-22 people.
  • Each meeting is led by a member facilitator(s).
  • A facilitator’s role is simply to keep the discussions on track and promote healthy discussion.
  • Facilitator are not professionals, they are members like everyone else, who choose to help DBSA.
  • We start our meetings by going around the room with brief introductions by each member.
  • You may PASS when you turn comes up if you wish. Participation is voluntary and some members choose to just listen.
  • People usually state their 1st name and diagnosis, how they’re doing, and how their week is going.
  • If you have a topic for the group, this is a good time to bring it up.
After the introductions the facilitator will open the meeting up with member topics. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We try to cover as many topics as we can in the short time we have. If you’ve not heard a topic you want to discuss, please bring it up. We hope you enjoy your DBSA experience.

NOTE: Sometimes after meetings, many members go out to eat and hang out at some nearby eatery. New folk are welcome to attend and make new acquaintances. Breaking out of isolation is KEY to recovery. Just hang out after the meeting, as members eventually discuss where we’re going.