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Tucson DBSA board members below are regular attending members, as required by our Charter. They actively participate in meetings monthly, some facilitate groups, while all serving on the Board.

Ed Rountree
Treasurer, Facilitator.

Suzanne Mooberry
Secretary, Facilitator.

Bob Goodman
Member at large.

Kathleen Lalor
Facilitator, Member at large.

Stacey Schneider
Facilitator, Member at large.

DBSA Tucson Bylaws

DBSA Tucson Bylaws May 2016.pdf pdf18-19

Official Dbsa Tucson Logo’s

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Contact Tucson DBSA Board.

If you or someone you know are suicidal, need immediate help call (520) 622-6000 or (800) 796-6762.

Click Crisis Resources.

Please note: When you contact DBSA Tucson on all forms on this website, you contact every member of the Board. We do this to make sure you get an answer.
If you’d like to leave Board members a message, we’ll get back to you within two days. There are no paid employees, only volunteers, so please be patient.

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