Support Groups

Great group on Thursday

Went to Suzanne’s Thursday group for her feed-a-thon. Great pizza from Costco. Only my 4th/5th time since losing my car/Ect 2013. What a nice set of people they have, and Suzanne has become a great pro facilitator. A question came up: why are we paying same rent if we only use 1 room now? Answer … Read more…

Women’s Bipolar & Anxiety Support Group

Women's Bipolar & Anxiety Support Group

This is a support group for people who identify as women that live with bipolar disorder and anxiety. We welcome trans woman here 💜. No TERFS allowed. GUIDELINES: Respect each other and don’t be rude, you will be blocked if you can not be respectful. (If you can’t say anything nice, please don’t say anything … Read more…

Dbsa support group locator

This directory is published for confidential use by DBSA constituents. No part of this directory may be stored or reproduced electronically or printed (with the exception of printing individual pages listing support groups in your area) without prior permission of DBSA. Information in this directory may not be used for solicitation purposes.

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