Support Groups

About Tucson DBSA

  • Reach individuals & family members & friends affected by depression, bipolar disorder (1 & 2) and anxiety with a safe place for peer support in Tucson.
  • Help people help each other successfully manage their mood disorder.
  • Provide emotional support and the wisdom of experience to sufferers, families and friends.
  • Eliminate discrimination and stigma related to depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety.
  • Build self-esteem and empower participants to actively improve their life, and the lives of others affected by depression or bipolar disorder.
  • Help participants rediscover strength and humor they may have felt they lost.
  • Educate chapter participants and the public through programs and resources about mood disorders.
  • We are not health care professionals, nor are we a crisis center (please call 520-622-600 for crisis, 520-770-9909 in Pima County, and 844-733-9912 ).

DBSA National Affiliated Websites

Other DBSA Websites
(offers interactive & personal wellness tools)
(offers support for parents and guardians of children living with mood disorders)
(offers information on mental health research and access to studies)
(Engages peers and family members in discussions concerning mental health advocacy)

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