D.B.S.A. Tucson

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Tucson.

Dbsa Tucson meets to provide peer support groups for those with Mood Disorders including Anxiety. Our meetings are free of charge and are open to anyone. We welcome those with mood disorders, and their friends and/or family as well. We offer a safe place to get emotional support, build self-esteem and become more educated about our disorders.

Hopefully you will find the help you are looking for here. If you don’t see it, don’t be afraid to ask any member. Most people will be glad to answer a question. Peer support means no one is a Professional: all members & group facilitator’s fight mental illness, or are caring for someone with mental illness.

DBSA National Affiliated Websites

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Other DBSA Websites
(offers interactive & personal wellness tools)
(offers support for parents and guardians of children living with mood disorders)
(offers information on mental health research and access to studies)
(Engages peers and family members in discussions concerning mental health advocacy)

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