Support Groups


To listen to messages, use the Voicemail app on the phone, or hold down the “1” key a few seconds.

This is the voicemail script we are using:

  1. Thank you for calling Dbsa Tucson.
  2. If this is a mental  emergency, please call 911 and
  3. All meeting information is on our website,
  4. Go there to find out about our support groups times and locations and information.
  5. If you or someone are in immediate crisis, please call 911 and ask for a “CIT” (crisis intervention trained) officer.
  6. If you or someone are feeling suicidal and want to talk to someone, call the Community Wide Crisis line at 520-622-6000 or 800-796-6762.
  7. If you have more question, go ahead and leave a message, and one of our volunteers will call you back within a couple of days.
  8. Thank you.
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