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Anxiety signs and symptoms

anxiety symptoms

Common  symptoms include: Several types of anxiety disorders exist: Agoraphobia (ag-uh-ruh-FOE-be-uh) is a type of anxiety disorder in which you fear and often avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped, helpless or embarrassed. Anxiety disorder due to a medical condition includes symptoms of intense anxiety or panic … Read more

Interview Opportunity for

Interview Opportunity for A writer for TODAY/ is doing a feature on bipolar disorder and is looking for a woman to interview. It’s to be an upbeat, everyman type story which will help people understand bipolar disorder who are completely unfamiliar with it. Note that the interviewee’s must be willing to disclose her full … Read more

Importance of Restoring Function after Major Depressive Disorder abates


Patients with depression experience symptoms that hinder their ability to function at home, at work, and in social settings. Even when mood symptoms improve, patients’ function may not return to normal. Clinicians must make restoration of function a treatment goal along with symptom remission. Rating scales that assess function can help clinicians monitor areas such … Read more

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine (PM) is a medical model that proposes the customization of healthcare, with medical decisions, practices, and/or products being tailored to the individual patient. In this model, diagnostic testing is often employed for selecting appropriate and optimal therapies based on the context of a patient’s genetic content[1] or other molecular or cellular analysis. Tools … Read more

Your answers will help all DBSA chapters operate more effective support groups.

When answering questions, please consider only the current support group in which you are participating. If you are participating in more than one support group, please choose the group in which you attend most frequently. Responses will be gathered by the national office of DBSA and shared with your chapter leadership. The report provided to … Read more

Mental Health First Aid-Find A Course

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid helps you assist someone experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis. In the Mental Health First Aid course, you learn risk factors and warning signs for mental health and addiction concerns, strategies for how to help someone in both crisis and non-crisis situations, and where to turn for help. Mental … Read more

Hacking the Brain: TMS

TMS Magnetic Brain Stimulation

Neuro enhancement with Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Noninvasive brain stimulation technologies have exploded in popularity over recent years. Technologies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) have been shown to effectively improve numerous neurological functions, including cognitive skills, motor ability, and mood. Though these improvements have frequently been intended for those … Read more