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This is Expired: Bipolar Disorder: Beyond the Basics webinar, Tuesday, December 12 at 7:00 PM ET/ 4:00 PM

Families for Depression Awareness is presenting a free Bipolar Disorder: Beyond the Basics webinar on Tuesday, December 12 at 7:00 PM ET/ 4:00 PM PT. Presenters, Dr. Marcy Thompson and mental health advocate Pata Suyemoto, will discuss difficult situations that can arise for families living with bipolar disorder and offer some suggestions for how to deal with those situations. The program is designed for families, caregivers, mental health professionals, and anyone interested in mental health resources.

While people with bipolar disorder live full and complete lives, finding the right treatment and managing the symptoms along the way can be challenging for family and caregivers. We have worked with clinicians, families, and people living with bipolar disorder to create our newest webinar.

Register to join us for the live webinar. After the webinar, complete our online evaluation and we’ll send you a free copy of our Adult Bipolar Disorder: Working Toward Wellness as a Family brochure.

Can’t attend the live webinar? Register today to submit your questions and watch the recorded webinar after it airs.

Click to download the PDF file.

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