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World Bipolar Day: Up the awareness and reduce the stigma

It is estimated that approximately 2.4% of people around the world have had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder at some point in their lives. The USA has one of the highest lifetime rates of bipolar disorder with 4.4% of the population living with the condition.

30 March 2018 is World Bipolar Day – an initiative designed to create awareness about the disorder and end the social stigma attached to it. Bipolar disorder can be a debilitating condition if not treated with medication and many people do not seek the help they need because of social stigma.

Bipolar disorder is like any other health condition. It requires medication to be treated and people need to be reminded that having the disorder does not make them any different to anyone else.

For World Bipolar Day, we, at MyTherapy, would like to get involved with this important initiative by reaching out to you to help us do so. is a medication reminder app that encourages its users to adhere strictly to their medication regimens, which can help those living with BPD.

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