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Traumatic Stress Study-Morning light exposure

Investigate how a six week course of morning light exposure affects individuals who have experienced stress following exposure to a traumatic event.

Basic Requirements:
Must have transportation to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, regular internet access, and an active e-mail address.

Time Commitment:
3 WEEKDAY visits to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson (one 3-hr visit, two 9-hour visits), over the course of seven weeks

First Visit Details:
Your first visit will be the final part of screening process, during which we will determine your eligibility to continue with the study. You will complete a clinical Interview and various cognitive tasks and questionnaires.

Between Visits 1 and 2:
You will wear a wrist activity monitor during sleep and wake hours. You will also be required to complete an online sleep diary each morning.

Second Visit Details:
Your second visit will be one week after your first visit, and you will complete various cognitive tasks and questionnaires. We will attach several electrodes to your scalp and face, and we will use them to monitor your brain activity during three different resting tasks. You will also perform a learning task in which you occasionally receive an annoying, but non-painful electric shock. The shocks will be delivered through electrodes attached to your index and middle fingers, and they WILL NOT BE HARMFUL TO YOU. You will then complete a 2-hour MRI brain scan, during which you will perform some cognitive tasks.

Between Visits 2 and 3:
Six weeks of using a small light therapy device for 30 minutes every morning before 10:30 am, in addition to continuing to complete online sleep diaries each morning and wear the wrist activity monitor.

Third Visit Details:
Very similar to your second visit. Return test equipment and finalize payment information.

The light device we use is completely safe, but there is potential for light sensitivity symptoms. The MRI machine may be dangerous for individuals with metal in their bodies.

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