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Being Mad about Psychiatry & Psychiatric Medications

I used to be a person who was very mad about psychiatry and psychiatric medication (psych meds). I had that vehement anger we often hear from antipsychiatrists although I was not antipsychatiry, per se. My biggest fantasy, at the time, was to take the horrible medications I was prescribed and shove them down the throat of the prescribing doctor. If only they had to take the medications, they would be more empathetic, more compassionate, more human. But I learned that being mad about psychiatric medication and psychiatry is a losing game and it really got me nowhere. Read More.

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1 thought on “Being Mad about Psychiatry & Psychiatric Medications

  1. I posted this, but highly disagree with article. Writer is ignorant about Big Pharma, ignorant about DSM-x history and Big Pharma literally BUYING their way into the writing of it, of Big Pharma “endowing” Universities (read buying them) so they control what is taught to students, and ignorant of the ENTIRE Concept that Healthcare and Capitalism (greedy Big Pharma) is incompatible. Writer is obviously struggling with basic newcomer early DABDA issues and blames himself instead of the enemy.

    And never mind greed & Big Pharma…. never mind that NOT ONE Big Pharma company is nonprofit, is it not clear that profit and health care are thoroughly incompatible?

    And what about Psychiatry’s sordid violent past?

    Why doesn’t Big Pharma create cures? They want profit, not CURE, there’s no profit in Cure. Corporations want drug dependent customers.

    And what about the LEGIONS of medical Doctors who call Psychiatry a sham? The writer has along way learning before he can say anything of authority,…. or a few more year/decades of suffering DESPITE Big Pharma decades long empty promises…

    Wanna get it?

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