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Local news review the Dbsa Wellness Tracker

CHICAGO (WLS) — We use apps on our phones for just about everything, but can an app make you feel better, sleep more or calm down? The potential for smartphone therapy is enormous, doctors say.

Dbsa Wellness Tracker, from Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

Every year, 20 percent of Americans have symptoms of depression or anxiety, but most do not seek treatment. But whether you’re worried, sad or simply need a boost, an app can help. Northwestern Medicine researchers said apps are emerging as an important part of medicine’s future, and are even considered revolutionary for mental health.

In her North Side apartment, Lucy Ingram begins her day on a healthy note. That isn’t always easy; she battles bipolar disorder and anxiety. “When I was depressed, I would get way more depressed. When I was anxious, I would get way more anxious,” Ingram said. Read more.

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