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Brain Stimulation Therapies

What are brain stimulation therapies? Brain stimulation therapies involve activating or touching the brain directly with electricity, magnets, or implants to treat depression and other disorders. Electroconvulsive therapy is the most researched stimulation therapy and has the longest history of use. Other stimulation therapies discussed here — vagus nerve stimulation, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, magnetic … Read more

Treating Depression With Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Transcutaneous VNS

Depression can be a devastating and unremitting problem. Researchers of a new study published in the current issue of Biological Psychiatry report successful reduction of depressive symptoms in patients using a novel non-invasive method of vagus nerve stimulation, or VNS. Despite the growing number of medications and neurostimulation approaches available, residual symptoms may be both … Read more