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Survey $75

If you decide to this, please mention “DBSA TUCSON” so our group gets the $25 credit when you get your $75.00. Researchers from Optum are conducting a survey to explore quality of life in individuals who have been diagnosed with Major depressive disorder, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia/Schizo-affective disorder. Participation in this study will include asking your … Read more…


This is Expired: DBSA’s Demographic Survey, ends 5-31-17

DBSA National is seeking anonymous responses to learn more about our community’s demographic make-up. Please take the time to fill out the survey below by May 31, 2017. The non-identified cumulative results of this survey will be used by DBSA to shape future programming and in grant applications that require detailed demographic information about individuals … Read more…

Interested in Precision Medicine? Join this pilot program.

There is no one in the world like you. So, why do you often receive the same care as everyone else? Today, scientists don’t know enough about how your genes, environment, family history, and lifestyle contribute to your health. When they learn more, treatments won’t have to be the same for everybody. And we need … Read more…

Interview Opportunity for

Interview Opportunity for A writer for TODAY/ is doing a feature on bipolar disorder and is looking for a woman to interview. It’s to be an upbeat, everyman type story which will help people understand bipolar disorder who are completely unfamiliar with it. Note that the interviewee’s must be willing to disclose her full … Read more…

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Stay in touch with DBSA. Learn about our upcoming programs, services and ways you can become involved. All information provided is held in strict confidence and at no time will be distributed to other organizations. Subscribe here

Take Dbsa Survey-15 questions

Your answers will help DBSA chapters operate more effective support groups. When answering questions, please consider only the current support group in which you are participating. If you are participating in more than one support group, please choose the group in which you attend most frequently. Responses will be gathered by the national office of … Read more…


ECT: Patient Experiences and Perceptions

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): Patient Experiences and Perceptions. It’s difficult to find real patient experiences with, and perspectives on ECT, electroconvulsive therapy online. I want to change this with real data from real people who have experienced ECT. What I want is data that will prove or disprove the assumptions that people make about ECT. I … Read more…

DBSA Depression survey 2-16

The following survey will provide DBSA with helpful information on people’s experiences with depression and the many different components of treatment. This survey should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Click to Take Survey.

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