When You Can’t Get Out of Bed Because of Your Depression

It’s 7:30 a.m. and you have to be at work in a half hour; this is the fourth alarm that has gone off, and you still aren’t even close to moving your body out of your bed. So, you push snooze for the fourth time and you roll back over. It’s 7:45 a.m. and there’s … Read more…

U of A Dept of Psychiatry Studies

Traumatic Stress Study-Morning light exposure

Purpose: Investigate how a six week course of morning light exposure affects individuals who have experienced stress following exposure to a traumatic event. Basic Requirements: Must have transportation to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, regular internet access, and an active e-mail address. Time Commitment: 3 WEEKDAY visits to Banner University Medical Center in Tucson … Read more…

What Is Dawn Simulation?

What Is Dawn Simulation? Dawn simulation involves the use of a device with electronic controls and shielded incandescent or halogen lamps to mimic the natural gradual increase in light that occurs at sunrise.   Why Is a Dawn Simulator Used? One obvious application for Dawn Simulator… read more

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