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Ketamine Lifts Depression via a Byproduct of its Metabolism

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NIH-funded team finds rapid-acting, non-addicting agent in mouse study. A chemical byproduct, or metabolite, created as the body breaks down ketamine likely holds the secret to its rapid antidepressant action, National Institutes of Health (NIH) scientists and grantees have discovered. This metabolite singularly reversed depression-like behaviors in mice without triggering any of the anesthetic, dissociative, … Read more

Facebook Q&A on Electroconvulsive Therapy

Despite electroconvulsive therapy’s (ECT) strong efficacy and safety record, many misconceptions still persist among both patients and professionals. ECT is safe and highly effective for severe, treatment-resistant depression, as well as a variety of other serious mental disorders. ECT is a type of brain stimulation therapy, which involves activating or touching the brain directly with … Read more