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Its Just Anxiety

Amazing hour documetary on Anxiety, by “Susan Polis Schutz”, I saw today on Pbs. Probably one of the best documetaries on Anxiety Ive seen. Sadly not free, not on YouTube, but you can buy “Its-Just-Anxiety” for $15 on Amazon. Susan Polis Schutz also did an amazing doc on depression I saw years ago.

Survey $75

solutions market research

If you decide to this, please mention “DBSA TUCSON” so our group gets the $25 credit when you get your $75.00. Researchers from Optum are conducting a survey to explore quality of life in individuals who have been diagnosed with Major depressive disorder, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia/Schizo-affective disorder. Participation in this study will include asking your … Read more…

13 Reasons Why depiction of Teen Suicide – School Counselors picking up the pieces

Hannah -13 reasons why

It’s been over a month since 13 Reasons Why made its début on Netflix, but the discussion around the teen drama shows no signs of dying down. The 13-episode series, based on the young adult novel by Jay Asher, has been tweeted about more than 11 million times since March 30…. School counselors talk Netflix … Read more…

Maria Bamford – Manic ideas

Manic ideas are always in the realm of possibility. If I ever start talking to fast, give me a ride. A lot of “great ideas”. Strong repetitive shit ideas. Calling to Pope… “someone should give that guy a jingle jangle”.

This is Expired: Loft Cinema presents a screening of, Titicut Follies

Titicut Follies

“Then versus now” in terms of treatment of the mentally ill. Co-presented by Southern Arizona Psychological Association, & The Loft Cinema. The Loft Cinema presents a special screening of the landmark 1967 documentary Titicut Follies, directed by 2016 Honorary Oscar-winner Frederick Wiseman,  in a newly-restored 50th anniversary edition. Featuring an introduction by psychologist Dr. Patricia … Read more…

Bipolar study, men, ages 18-39

Echo Project Management Group, Inc. We are boutique style medical project coordinators and we are here to offer a voice to those that suffer, an opportunity to take an active role in treatment through their participation in our studies. We have a study for next week for men ages 18-39 diagnosed with Bipolar. It is … Read more…

When You Can’t Get Out of Bed Because of Your Depression

It’s 7:30 a.m. and you have to be at work in a half hour; this is the fourth alarm that has gone off, and you still aren’t even close to moving your body out of your bed. So, you push snooze for the fourth time and you roll back over. It’s 7:45 a.m. and there’s … Read more…

Tucson Weekly seeking phn interview on TV show, “13 Reasons Why”.

13 Reasons Why

Tucson Weekly seeking interview on TV’s portrayal of mental health in Netflix’s, 13 Reasons Why. I am a reporter for Tucson Weekly and I was wondering if I could ask someone here a few questions about your work with depression and suicide prevention. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the popular new Netflix series, … Read more…

Thank You DBSA Volunteers, from national

Each organization has something special that makes it unique—that allows it to stand out, to fulfill its mission, and to make a difference. At DBSA, that “something special” is the people who make up our community, particularly the volunteers who work tirelessly to fulfill our mission in their communities, across our country, and even in … Read more…

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